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aWhere Platform
GIS Data Warehouse Platform

aWhere supports customization to meet the requirements of every industries


To help you perform a variety of administrative tasks


To manage users ‘profile


Cloud storage to secure your
organization ‘contents


To manage your data

Map Studio

To manage your map and show
location data on map with your styling

Form Studio

Online forms builder for get data
to your database

App Studio

Manage your data with interactive
dashboards and beautiful reports
that inspire smarter business decisions.

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Why Choose Us

For Develop | For Business


Design reusable APIs

Reduce Time

Shorten your app development timeline

Reduce Cost

Save money on development significantly

Centralized Data

Once you own the cloud, you can control, store and
access data.

Everyone can use

Easy to use, no need any IT knowledge

Content Provider

Easy to share and collaborate your contents with anyone, anywhere and any devices

Geometry Data

Support for geometry data types and show on map

We Provide Top Destinations
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